Brookfield PV100 process viscometer

The Brookfield process viscometer PV100-DM64 works on the principle of a rotational viscometer with coaxial cylinder systeme.

Its basic components are a measuring head and a continuous-flow measuring unit connected by a flange sleeve. The measuring head holds the drive unit, which is either a controllable d.c. motor or a synchronous motor, as well as the torque sensor und the electronics producing the measuring signal.

The Brookfield process viscometer PV100-DM64 is suited for continuous viscosity measurement in a wide variety of substances, such as
    * suspensions
    * diary products
    * lacquers or varnishes
    * printing inks
    * emulsion paints
    * lubricants
    * latex
    * polymer solutions
    * coal suspensions
    * glues or adhesives
    * resins
    * coating slips
    * chocolate suspensions
    * sealing compounds
    * fruit mash or preparations
    * vegetable mash
    * coating colours
    * cosmetics
    * solutions
    * emulsions
    * mud

Brookfield Viscosity