Brookfield TT200 viscometer

The Brookfield TT-200 Viscometer is flange mounted for use on mixing/blending/storage tanks or in pipe lines using a "T" fitting. The viscosity measurement range and operating shear rate are designed with Brookfield's assistance to suit specific applications such as the 511 sec-1 required by the API standards.
The standard viscometer has a single speed/single shear rate drive.
Optionally available with a variable speed motor for variable shear rate requirements or pilot plant applications involving different materials with a broad range of viscosities.


Flange 4" or larger, ASA 150#, 300# or 600#
Wetted parts are stainless steel type 316
Pressure rating of 200 (14 bar) or 500 (35 bar) psi
Minimum viscosity 15 cP (mPa·s)
Maximum viscosity 200,000 cP (mPa·s)
Electrical code NEMA 4 (water and dust tight for indoor or outdoor use) or NEMA 7 (explosion proof)
Input power: 115 Vac, 230 Vac, 24 Vdc

Brookfield Viscosity