Brookfield KV100 viscometer

The continuous-flow process Brookfield viscometer KV100-25 works on the principle of a Capillary Viscometer with continual volume flow and measurement of pressure decrease over the measuring capillary.

Its basic components are the driving head and the flow measuring device connected by a spacer tube. The driving head holds a synchronous motor with change gear. The immersion-type measuring unit holds a gear pump, the intake fitting and the exchangeable measuring capillary, as well as ducts for the supply of the process pressure and for the transport of overpressure from the entrance of the measuring capillary to the connections of pressure transducers.

The Brookfield process viscometer KV100-25-DM25 is suited for continual viscosity measurement and monitoring in a wide variety of liquid substances, such as:

    * lubricating oil
    * polymer solutions
    * fuel oil
    * emulsions
    * fat melts
    * suspensions
    * printing inks
    * liquid detergents
    * latex
    * adhesives
    * lacquers
    * glues

Brookfield Viscosity